“Alexandra Carter’s phantasmagorical mixed media paintings are luminous and untidy, like auroras or the dancing licks of fire in smoke. There is a lot of organic energy and complex emotion in her gestural swirls and unfamiliar palette; these eddies are full of apparitions -- portraits, goddesses, creatures, botanical bounty. The combination of gold leaf accents and the way the translucent drafting film bounces light around gives the work a warm, rich presence; the pigment pools on its surface, drawing attention to itself. In large part the paint is made from the colorful juice of cranberries, which appear throughout the work as heroic symbols of fertility and other female superpowers.”

– Shana Nys Dambrot, Art Critic, Curator and Author

“Reminiscent of Rina Banerjee’s works on paper, Carter’s erotic, zoomorphic imagery in A Sense of Heat in her Brain is provocative in the best sense.”

– Bianca Collins, Art Critic

“The provocative work of Alexandra Carter explores the intersection of myth, the body, the sensual, and the erotic. Truly wonderful and mesmerizing.”

– Mario Vasquez, Art Critic

“Carter’s elegant application of bodily fluid-hued inks in a unique process of layers on translucent film leaves nothing hidden—literally and figuratively—as her female subjects express all in a wild array of intimate moments. With A Sense of Heat in Her Brain, Carter generously reworks motifs of beauty and bounty, both past and present, in an emotionally complex celebration of consumption and pleasure.”

– Phoenix Rodman, Contemporary Art Consultant

“The work can be entered into multiple ways. Sometimes paintings with open narratives or imagery that leans into personal symbolism forgets about the viewer and what experiences they bring with them. Alexandra's work lovingly treats the subject matter in interesting formal ways that are engaging and thoughtful of her own personal interests but the wider audience as well.”

- Carl Baratta, Curator & Artist

"A Sense of Heat in Her Brain" 2020 Solo Exhibition Description

"Berries for Baubo" 2019 Solo Exhibition Description

"All gods are hot" 2018 Solo Exhibition Description

Your skin is song; your house is masked: Mural Statement for Graniti Murales, Sicily, 2016, by Alexandra Carter