Solo Exhibition in Los Angeles: "A Sense of Heat in Her Brain" at Luna Anaïs Gallery

Luna Anaïs Gallery

2038 Bay Street, Gallery D

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Alexandra Carter: A Sense of Heat in Her Brain

September 26-November 8, 2020

Opening: September 26th 12-9pm with appointment scheduling.

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm or by appointment.

“When a woman is making love with a man, a sense of heat in her brain, which brings with it sensual delight, communicates the taste of that delight.”

The First Written Description of the Female Orgasm

Hildegard Von Bingen, 1150

Luna Anais Gallery is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition with new work by Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Carter.

The women in Carter’s paintings are embroiled in the throes of ecstasy, even while they are involved in a dark, shamanic, body-based ritual. These figures have a sense of “jouissance”--a term referred to in psychoanalytic theory as an extreme, problematic pleasure, containing pain as well as deep enjoyment. “A sense of heat in her brain,” while literally describing the female orgasm, captures the essence of jouissance. It points to the thinking, intellectual brain while also reducing it to exactly what it is--a muscle in our body, thus bringing us back to our corporeality.

Exploring the artist’s experience of infertility, while referring to her background of growing up on a New England cranberry farm, her figures depict ideas of both bodily and agricultural fertility. The fruits of their bodies—both literal and figurative—play on their abundance in ways both sexual and maternal. Compositions contain a sense of magic through a multiplicity of women that seem to conjure and cast spells. These personae, depicted in both human and sometimes animal forms, represent the team of magicians/practitioners that infertility treatment requires--various types of doctors, gynecologists, acupuncturists, etc.--all poking and prodding the dysfunctioning female body. What results is a coven of witches, deities, eaters, and procreators, intermingling limb by limb. The artist reimagines ghosts and goddesses of ancient folklore, mythology, religious iconography of the Madonna, and Paleolithic fertility symbology into bubbled-up, berried forms that, through it all, continue to delight in their own bodies.

Interview published in the Exeter Bulletin Fall 2019 issue

Phillips Exeter Academy's quarterly magazine The Exeter Bulletin has published an interview of Alexandra Carter by Genny Beckman Moriarty. Click the image to read the full article!


Alexandra Carter

Berries for Baubo

September 14th-28th 2019 
Public Opening September 14th 8:00pm-10:00pm 

Radiant Space
1444 N Sierra Bonita Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Curated by Olivia Mia Orozco

Berries for Baubo offers up divine nectars--juice, blood, milk, wine--from the breast, from the seed, and from the roots. It is birth, explosion, and expulsion. It is woman, beast, and god. It is red.

Alexandra Carter’s latest body of work explores fertility in terms of agriculture and the female body.  Her paintings, made with layers of puddled pigment and collaged imagery on translucent drafting film, mimic explosive, liquid bodies splashing out of their own skins. Influenced by folklore and mythology, she quotes deities of jest, filth, lust, and light. Baubo, the exhibition’s fitting namesake, personifies the celebratory nature of the approaching harvest season, alongside a certain burlesque attitude. Women perform a sumptuous dance between maiden, mother, and crone. Wanton figures of myth and fairytale embroil themselves within the monstrous feminine and the maternal grotesque.

Carter comes from a family of cranberry farmers in New England. The berry is a repeated icon in the artist’s visual lexicon: the fruit is like a garnet ambrosia, an exalted potion that seeps through all the works and intoxifies its subjects. Photographs of berries and botanical illustrations replace and adorn parts of the female body.  Breasts become globular appendages that bubble up, guzzle down, shrivel, leak, and lactate. Carter also uses cranberry as a medium; in some of the works the juice stains antique linens, connecting the mark to an intimate bodily history. 

Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, September 14th beginning at 7pm. We will be will be serving specialty cocktails using the artist's signature medium of cranberry juice.  


"All gods are hot" named in Artillery's Top 10 Picks of 2018

"All gods are hot" was chosen as one of the year's top 10 picks by critic Annabel Osberg in Artillery Magazine. See the lineup online and in the current print issue of Artillery!

Carter’s brushwork and stylization are so graceful that even fleshly seepage assumed curious elegance in her maze of translucent double-sided paintings addressing existential paradoxes through lenses of mythology, fairytales and female surrealists. -Artillery, Jan/Feb 2019

Featured Artist Interview by Girltrip

Alexandra Carter shares her art, process, and opinions in an in-depth interview by  Girltrip, a multi-platform organization dedicated to advancing women in the arts. Click the link to read!

"All gods are hot" closing reception

Radiant Space One Year Celebration and Closing Reception of "All gods are hot" June 21, 7-10pm

Come celebrate the closing of "All gods are hot" by Alexandra Carter and Radiant Space's one year anniversary! Enjoy an evening of art, music, drinks and surprise performances.

Radiant Space
1444 N Sierra Bonita Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046
Contact: Mia Orozco
(818) 429-6804


Artillery Review

Check out the review for "All gods are hot" in Artillery Magazine's Pick of the Week by Annabel Osberg:

Cranberry Cocktail Reception and Artist's Talk

Alexandra Carter's solo exhibition "All gods are hot" continues until June 23 at Radiant Space in West Hollywood, and this week we invite you to join us for two events:

Wednesday, May 30, 7-10pm: Cranberry Cocktails
Come view the installation,  meet the artist, and sip on cocktails that feature her signature pigment.

Sunday, June 3, 12-1pm: Artist's Talk
Carter will be doing a gallery walkthrough of the show, discussing her process, materials, and research. The talk will be followed by a short reception.

Radiant Space
1444 N Sierra Bonita Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046
Contact: Mia Orozco
(818) 429-6804

Mural now on view in Sicily!

Carter has created a large public mural based on her painting "Your skin is song; your house is masked" for the town of Graniti in Sicily.

For more information, you can read the artist's writing about the mural here.